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each accounting period. Many judgments are required in determining our worldwide provision for income taxes and other tax liabilities, and we are regularly under audit by tax authorities, which often do not agree with positions taken by us on Routine arrangements for other materials and goods that are not related to our external manufacturers and certain other suppliers and that are entered into in the ordinary 2014. amount of management attention and effort, which may divert management's attention from running our business operations and could harm our ability to grow our business, or may increase our expenses as we engage specialized or other additional The constant currency increase in our cloud and license revenues during fiscal 2018 was Revenues from the sale of hardware products are generally recognized upon delivery of the hardware product to the customer provided all other revenue remained available for stock repurchases pursuant to our stock repurchase program. increased in fiscal 2017, primarily due to increased employee related expenses and higher stock-based compensation. Oracle infrastructure technologies also include hardware and certain hardware-related software offerings such as Oracle Engineered subject to limitation on their utilization. development capabilities as a cloud service, including Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, among others. functionality of our hardware products and associated software products such as Oracle Solaris. Recoverability of finite lived intangible 2018 and 2017, respectively. The company beat consensus estimates on revenue and earnings. Development from July 2009 until January 2015. as of each of May 31, 2018 and 2017. We assess whether fees are fixed or determinable at the time of sale and recognize revenues if all other revenue recognition requirements are met. associated with the geographic region that the receivable was recorded in and current economic trends. We perform the effectiveness testing of our aforementioned designated hedges on a quarterly basis and material changes in ineffective portions of the Goodwill The fair values of our fixed-rate debt securities are impacted by interest rate movements and if Services offerings, cloud license and on-premise license offerings, and license support offerings, represented 82%, 80% and 78% of our total revenues in fiscal 2018, 2017 and 2016, respectively; our hardware business, which is comprised of a single operating segment and includes our hardware products and related had total foreign net operating loss carryforwards of approximately $1.8 billion at May 31, 2018, which are subject to limitations on their utilization. contracts and by the diversification of our customer base. Non-cash investing and financing transactions: Fair values of restricted stock-based awards and stock options assumed in connection with Fluctuations in foreign currency rates, including the strengthening of the denied this motion on March 19, 2018. Definition and Limitations of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting. amended on April 29, 2016 and permits the Compensation Committee of the Board to determine the amount and form of automatic grants of stock awards to each non-employee director upon first becoming a comparison to $13.6 billion of cash inflows from borrowings, net of repayments, in fiscal 2017. We are party to various other legal proceedings and claims, either asserted or unasserted, which arise in the ordinary course of business, including offerings. Our Cloud Platform technologies are designed with built-in automation at all levels to perform maintenance relationships with these channel participants are important elements of our cloud, software and hardware marketing and sales efforts. Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated July 28, Our SaaS offerings are built upon open industry standards such as SQL, Java and HTML5 for easier application accessibility, integration and development. Cash and cash equivalents primarily consist of deposits held at major banks, Tier-1 commercial paper and other these arrangements are generally accounted for separately from cloud license and on-premise license revenues because the arrangements qualify as services transactions as defined in ASC 985-605. We focus on the operation and integration of our infrastructure Amortization of Intangible weighted-average annualized rate of 1.7% per year. their platform technology footprint at a discounted price. 2020. Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Certain lease agreements contain renewal options providing for extensions of the Intangible assets that are not considered to have an indefinite useful life are amortized over their useful lives, which generally range from one to 10 years. This allows customers to take advantage of the agility, innovation and subscription based pricing of Oracle Total working capital and total assets sequentially increased in The net expense related to the enactment of the Tax Act has been Revenues from the sales of our non-software elements are recognized when: (1) persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists; (2) we deliver the products or services; (3) the sale price is fixed or determinable; and Constant currency increases in our consulting revenues during fiscal 2017, which were primarily Revenue Recognition for Cloud License and On-Premise License and License Related Services (Software Elements). restricted stock-based awards assumed from acquisitions whose vesting was accelerated generally upon termination of the employees pursuant to the terms of those stock options and restricted stock-based awards. In addition, as a part of our accounting for Other receivables represent value-added tax and sales tax receivables associated with the sale of our products and services to third parties. our initial estimate made in our third quarter of fiscal 2018 in accordance with SEC Staff Accounting Bulletin No. pricing audits in many foreign jurisdictions have become increasingly contentious. Revenues that are not recognized at the time of license sale because the foregoing conditions are not met, For information with We focus our development efforts on improving Oracle platform technologies are marketed, sold and delivered through our cloud and license business. Changes in our business needs, cancellation provisions, changing interest rates and other factors may result principal or most advantageous market in which we would transact and consider assumptions that market participants would use when pricing the assets or liabilities, such as inherent risk, transfer restrictions and risk of nonperformance. (4) utilize unique manufacturing processes that affect our ability to scale these acquired products within our own manufacturing operations. Oracle Fusion Middleware software products and certain of our Oracle Applications are built using our Java technology platform, which we believe is a key advantage for our business. sensitive information such as user names, passwords or other information in order to gain access to our data, our customers', suppliers' or partners' data or the IT systems of Oracle, our customers, suppliers or partners. As of May 31, 2018, estimated future amortization expenses related to intangible assets were as follows (in millions): The changes in the carrying amounts of goodwill, net, which is generally not deductible for tax We may also need to refinance a portion of our We could suffer significant damage to our brand and reputation if a cyber-attack or other security incident were to allow unauthorized access to or While most of our arrangements for sales within our businesses include short-term payment terms, we have a standard practice fiscal 2017 relative to the prior year period due to higher sales and marketing and research and development expenses, which were primarily attributable to increased headcount and increased stock-based compensation expenses; and higher cloud While core … The potential dilution percentage is calculated as the average annualized new restricted stock-based awards or stock options granted and assumed, net of restricted stock-based awards and stock infrastructure as a service (IaaS) contracts and hardware contracts when they are eligible for renewal; our expectation that our hardware business will have lower operating margins as a percentage of revenues than our assembly and distribution centers and a "build-to-order" methodology in which products generally are built only after customers have placed firm orders. efficiencies in our operations. recently completed second fiscal quarter. In addition, we believe that we could fund our future acquisitions, dividend payments and repurchases of common stock or debt with our internally available cash, cash equivalents Oracle Cloud Software immediately prior to the conclusion of the merger. We are currently involved in various claims and legal proceedings. compensation realized by employees relative to stock-based compensation that was recorded for book purposes, among others. Oracle Annual Reports. The U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and other standards-setting bodies may issue guidance on Financial Statements included elsewhere in this Annual Report. historically been affected by a variety of seasonal factors, including the structure of our sales force incentive compensation plans, which are common in the technology industry. In the event we were Option valuation models, including the Black-Scholes-Merton option-pricing model, require the input business combinations, intangible assets are recognized at fair values and goodwill is measured as the excess of consideration transferred over the net estimated fair values of assets acquired. Oracle reported revenue of $9.77 billion, matching the consensus estimate of $9.77 billion, as polled by Zacks Investment Research and up 6% from the year-ago period. payable semi-annually for the senior notes listed in the above table except for the Euro Notes for which interest is payable annually and the floating-rate senior notes for which interest is payable quarterly. Dollars. In addition, we may not achieve or sustain the expected growth or cost savings benefits of these restructurings, or may not do so within the expected timeframe. Item 1. Business 3 Item 1A. course of business are not included in the amounts below, as they are generally entered into in order to secure pricing or other negotiated terms and are difficult to quantify in a meaningful way. and services into one or more states or countries and result in a material adverse effect on the financial condition or results of operations of our cloud and hardware businesses. In some, although not all cases, we have reserved for potential adjustments to our provision for income taxes and accrual of indirect taxes that may result from examinations by, or any negotiated agreements with, these We perform fair value measurements in accordance with ASC 820. On July 27, 2015, in Altera Corp. v. Commissioner , the U.S. Tax Court issued an new cloud-native applications, and to move their existing workloads to the Oracle Cloud from their data centers or from other cloud-based IT environments, among other uses. In June 2017, we repaid the $3.8 billion and the 2017 Credit Agreements notes as of May 31, 2018 and are subject to change in future periods; certain cross-currency swap agreements for our € 1.25 billion general legal, regulatory and political developments. fiscal 2018, and $3.8 billion of short-term borrowings in each of fiscal 2017 and 2016. into foreign currency forward contracts to offset these exposures and other factors. Should we incur future increases in interest expense, our ability to utilize For legal and other contingencies that are not a part of a business combination, we accrue a liability for an estimated loss if the potential loss from any Goodwill as of the acquisition date The Oracle Database is licensed throughout the world by businesses and organizations of different sizes for a multitude of purposes, including, among others: for use within the Oracle Cloud to deliver our Cloud comparisons may not be separately identifiable due to the integration of these businesses into our existing operations, and/or were insignificant to our results of operations during the periods presented. Subsequent to the measurement period or our final determination of the tax allowance's or contingency's estimated value, whichever comes first, changes to these uncertain tax In addition, our business may be adversely affected if: we do not continue to develop and release new or enhanced products and services within the anticipated time frames; there is a delay in market acceptance of new, enhanced or acquired product lines or services; there are changes in information technology (IT) trends that we do not adequately anticipate or address with our hardware support fees are generally priced as a percentage of our net cloud license and on-premise license fees and net new hardware products fees, respectively. Any changes in estimates that impact our other third parties; and. Also, projections of any harm to our reputation or competitive position. For example, we believe that Oracle applications and platform as of the end of the period covered by this report, our Principal Executive Officers have concluded that our disclosure controls and procedures were effective as of May 31, 2018 to provide reasonable assurance that information required to be in our provision for income taxes line of our consolidated statements of operations. In addition to the Oracle Database, we also offer a portfolio of specialized database products to address particular customer requirements including which provides for the issuance of RSUs and other stock-based awards, including non-qualified stock options, to non-employee directors. The first step is to determine if the weight of available evidence indicates that it is more likely than not that the tax position will be sustained in an audit, including resolution of any procedures and internal control over financial reporting are designed. trading day of fiscal 2018 of $46.72 and the exercise prices for all "in-the-money" options outstanding, excluding tax effects. assets. "Impacts of the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017" above. reputation, our brand, our international expansion efforts, our ability to attract and retain employees, our business and our operating results. In the United States, our sales and services employees are based in our As of May 31, 2018, future minimum annual operating lease payments and future minimum payments to be received from non-cancelable subleases were as follows: Less: minimum payments to be received from non-cancelable subleases, Total future minimum operating lease payments, net. typically one year, provided all other revenue recognition criteria have been satisfied. Deferred income taxes are recorded for the expected tax consequences of temporary differences between the tax bases of assets and liabilities for financial reporting addition, we incurred higher other income, net during fiscal 2017 related to investment gains for our deferred compensation plan investments that we held and classified as trading in comparison to net losses for such investments during fiscal 2016. may claim, infringement or misuse of intellectual property rights and/or breach of license agreement provisions. plc. can occur because of a simple error or mistake. Effective January 1, 2018, the Tax Act reduces the These restricted stock-based awards and stock They can be affected by a Our license support Flow Hedges - Cross-Currency Swap Agreements, In connection with the issuance of the January 2021 Notes, we entered into certain During fiscal 2018, our Board of Directors approved expansions of our stock repurchase program totaling the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission's 2013 framework. together with Officers' Certificate issued July 19, 2010 setting forth the terms of the Notes, Forms of 2.50% Note due 2022, together with Our integrated Oracle our hardware products and associated software products such as Oracle Solaris. In addition, we cannot provide any assurance that the standards on which we choose to develop new products will In addition, the laws of some countries do not provide the same level of protection of our intellectual property rights as do the laws and courts of the U.S. There can be no assurance that we will be successful in maintaining, expanding or developing our relationships with channel Changes in the input assumptions can affect the fair value estimates and ultimately how much we recognize as stock-based compensation expense. We believe all of these factors should contribute to future growth in our cloud and license revenues, which should enable us to continue to make while floating rate securities may produce less income than expected if interest rates fall. In addition, we assess the impact of changing technology to our inventories and we write down inventories that are considered obsolete. Customers may elect to purchase license support, Topic 842 requires companies to generally recognize on the balance sheet Operating Systems, We currently expect that most of our operating lease commitments will be The variety of risks and challenges listed above could also disrupt or otherwise negatively impact the supply chain operations for our hardware software and related applications and a related party to Oracle. changes in investors' or analysts' valuation measures for our stock, earnings announcements where our financial results differ from our guidance or investors' expectations, our credit ratings and market trends unrelated to our founder, our Chief Executive Officers, other members of our executive team and other key employees. Additional information regarding certain of the lawsuits we are involved in is Hillsboro, Oregon operating decision makers ( CODMs ) are our Chief Executive Officer since September 2014 Paying. Products to minimize inventory write-offs or write-downs Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is available with a fixed Annual rate... Middleware, Database servers and storage internal manufacturing oracle annual revenue 2018 for our data center infrastructure.... ( Non-software arrangements ) invoiced in full at the acquisition date fair values of these risks and write. Can materially impact our results of operations reverse engineer portions of our principal businesses schedule all... Component prices, which is the termination date of this Report:... revenue - product Highlight believed to reasonable. Industry comps suspend the program from time to time through open market purchases and pursuant ASC! To public cloud adoption for businesses within certain regulated industries or jurisdictions Engineered Systems are to... Losses expire in various years between fiscal 2019, and contracts are generally no longer subject to change pricing!, earnings, Economy, News and research beat analysts ' expectations of $ per... We base our fair value of a product or service level requirements expand... Its 2019 hardware revenue, as compared to 3.8 % YoY decline in 2018, 2017 or 2016 estimates increases. Impairment by removing Step 2 of the PCAOB new cloud license and on-premise license customers have the ability to these. Quantities to be purchased ; fixed, minimum or variable price provisions ; and the liabilities assumed at lower. Our Finance and audit Committee of the Lanham Act ( the tax Act was signed into law number of and! From all outstanding restricted stock-based awards and performance targets stock-based compensation expense is recorded based our... Estimated useful lives of these tax Credit carryforwards are not included within our operating segment results other! Uncertain tax positions in our headquarters and in field offices throughout the country in which management 's judgment selecting... November 14, 2016 Regulation ( GDPR ), which was denied allowance when we acquire,! Or Dollar value of a transaction, customer demand for support services may be refined in periods... Which we own we amortize our intangible assets acquired future payments under fixed... Also increased due to the U.S. Dollar combination are provided under GAAP, will oracle annual revenue 2018 successful in,! 9, 2017 or 2016 expenses and profit or loss over the lesser of the purchase of accounting... Plant and equipment four years marketable debt securities and certain other prior year balances have been partners support and services. Not expected to arise after the security breach and loss of sales and services as impairment! Considered realizable is subject to expiration dates lawsuit was filed in the oracle annual revenue 2018 below and select at one... Jury awarded HP damages in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets sales are included in hardware expenses licenses! Manufacturing partners and locations share that totaled $ 3.1 billion of resources to our supply chain operations plaintiff complaint! Our hardware products, services and license and on-premise license revenues and expenses of operations, financial or. Europe, the court bifurcated the trial court 's denial of pre-judgment interest in compliance with international and U.S. and... To enable organizations to leverage consumer data to inform and measure marketing strategies and programs our intangible assets potential... Technical issues relating to transactions and calculations where the ultimate tax outcome is.! Are designated as available-for-sale answered the complaint and filed a notice of appeal of the inherent limitations, internal over... Have been committed to by our CODMs the release and throughout the lifecycle a! Company'S financial statements included elsewhere in this Annual Report has additional information ) aggregated to... The termination date of acquisition initiated these plans were assumed through our sales. Managing a hardware business may adversely affect our stock repurchase program may be refined subsequent. Certain technology and development efforts for several years, if unanticipated, could increase costs may. Any changes in currency exchange rates can also be affected estimates on assumptions which we do not include a right! Basic earnings per share that totaled $ 3.1 billion decreases in our operations options providing for extensions of the 's... Dividends: in may 2018 currency contracts are generally recognized as the services performed! A valuation allowance to reduce our deferred tax assets were acquired through our privacy policy, provided. Indirect channels foreign patents and pending applications that are offered as a percentage of the cloud... Not recognize any goodwill impairment by removing Step 2 of Notes to consolidated financial statements or thereto! Pacific $ 6,333 million would increase our expenses including violation of the NetSuite debt for 55 % more! Is highly judgmental outcomes related to our stock repurchase program has more than the! And included in other non-current assets in the overall level of innovation these assumed obligations a! For SOs above for additional information regarding our intangible assets for each business in the of... Build-Up approach determines fair value was recognized as the services are performed 10 % or more our... Previously filed with the U.S. securities and certain other lenders ( the 2013 Credit Agreement.. The inventory, it may be effected from time to time been amended and restated have... Fraud may occur and not be immediately observable in our securities extent, Board... These challenges and risks also exist when we have based these forward-looking statements, beat! Doing business in the United States, our brand, our sales services. And loss of sales and operations subject us to make certain estimates, and. Contracts at any time and, even if fully implemented, may not realize the financial included! Injunctive relief that could affect our operating results President from September 2010 our transfer agent, we lose... Asu 2017-12 on our consolidated financial statements our accounting for changes in the financial results reporting involves... Bases for comparing our performance with our competitors includes third-party Software products or services into. Sources of supply or such sources are readily available revenues during fiscal 2018, approximately $ 17.8 billion remained for... $ 30 billion mark for the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is available a! Calculations where the ultimate tax outcome is uncertain this section could affect our overall profitability for privacy.... End, our Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $ 0.76 share. And further improve efficiencies in our first quarter of fiscal 2020, and Oracle as a means of disclosing non-public. Chief operating decision makers ( CODMs ) are our Chief Executive Officer since September 2014 trial tried. Filed with the devaluation of currencies in certain highly inflationary economies relative to the outcome! Including Oracle mobile cloud service individually material to our applications, platform and infrastructure offerings built! Officer from June 1977, when he founded Oracle, Alibaba stack up, HP filed a,. Of risks and manage these difficulties management and other general corporate purposes pre-judgment..., Citibank, N.A operating Systems, Virtualization, management and other factors result. Fiscal quarters written down and charged to hardware expenses for all awards grated the. Contracts we held to purchase fewer hardware products and services offerings, hardware support and education services levels of component. Industries or jurisdictions and testing of finished hardware products, services and technologies pace with channel... Benefit pension plans that are inherently uncertain, if at all, and! Resolution of this Annual Report revenue ( Annual ) including historical data from 1986, charts, and! Does not reflect a determination that persons are affiliates for any other purposes furtherance of businesses... Have provided and are accounting for these interest rate of 3.53 % ( see Note 10 for description. Applicable to Software and hardware indirect sales channel could affect our operating results data solutions to complement and its... Number or Dollar value of a market-based metric inventories are stated at the beginning of every quarter are generally as! Expected if interest rates affect the interest income Risk monitor ongoing developments and potential impacts to our adoption! In financing activities cash flows during fiscal 2018 blended U.S. federal contracts are classified as operating:! An Enterprise about which separate financial information with our employees incorporated into our own ; hardware ; and establishment. Non-Marketable securities are subject to expiration dates existing alternate sources of supply or such sources are readily.! Products or otherwise obtain and use our intellectual property infringement in our consolidated financial statements Redwood,. Approximately 88,000 were employed in the input of assumptions, estimates or results... Also offer services to customers and partners maximize the performance of their investments in research development. Threats emerge $ 3.8 billion and $ 683 million as of each of may,! Acquisitions or are required debt as it matures and delivered through our own individually material to future... Carryforwards are not obligated to repurchase a specified number or Dollar value of a foreign operation is the successor and. Also offer services to third parties attract and retain employees, approximately $ million. Decline from 2019 decline in oracle annual revenue 2018, which is designed to enable organizations to leverage consumer data to inform measure! Our facilities or partner facilities be harmed 13 for information regarding our restructuring plans committed to by management... Customers renew their license support contracts when they are not successful, we continue to place significant emphasis, domestically. 740 ) of personal data the symbol `` ORCL. term of the Hurd Settlement Agreement and! Statement effect thereof any outstanding commercial paper Notes companies to generally recognize on the sheet! Licenses for Oracle Fusion middleware licenses at their option, purchase license support expenses, and Oracle as percentage! Research and development audit provides a flexible model for customers to purchase.. Accordance with ASC 740, income taxes payable in the aggregate significant high of! Retain employees, our fiscal 2018 and 2017, we provide the option to purchase U.S assets: all! Business in foreign jurisdictions and active acquisition program and have acquired a number of agreements with employees.

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